We are independent service and cover following brand cars:

BMW Mini Mercedes Audi VW Skoda Seat Volvo Citroen Peugeot Renault. Other brand cars also can be serviced. Call to us +358404678538.

We are propose following works:

Deep diagnostic of electronic modules. From 80 EUR
The inspection includes deep computer examination of the car systems like engine, transmission, brake, car access, suspension, airbag, multimedia, communication and etc. Reading and erasing fault codes is EUR 40,-. 

Chiptuning and DPF, EGR or Adblue issues fixing and so on. From 180 EUR
We can read and write or making full backup of any engine control unit or gearbox  (including adaptation to ECU and car according to VINcode). 

Programming and coding works. From 100 EUR
This work is common for us and we are propose to code the car if the module is  swaped from other car, or doesn't work properly or doesn't work at all.

Engine or gearbox swap. From 100 EUR
We are changing the engines or gearboxes in the cars and it is very common operation for us.
Runtime of works depends on every car and engines/gearbox. We are also proposing to repair the engines or gearboxes.

Repairing of the wiring harness. From 100 EUR
Broken wiring harnesses is known sickness of many brand cars. It is very hard to find broken line, but not for us. We are very familiar with this kind of works. Repair works of wiring lines will be done with guaranty, that it will not be broken again in few years.

Diagnostic works for hard detectable faults. From 100 EUR
You can't find out where is the problem in your car?  Bring car to us and we will find the problem and  of course will propose solution to fix it.

Maintenance works. From EUR 40 EUR
Maintenance work includes oil change, brake fluid change, transmission oil change,  coolant water change, replacing of the oil filter, brake disks,  brake pads, abs sensors, microfilter, air filter, alternator belt, inspection of the  chassis and broken parts replacing, and so on.


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